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UX design

Case - Otto hx/Benner Group

Abstract:  I am the only UX designer of digital products for the spin-off, Otto hx , belonging to the Benner group, under the CLT contracting regime.

Role: UX designer



Otto hx is a start-up focused on digital and managerial products for hospitals of the Benner group. I work as a UX designer with a focus on UI, designing screens that were developed with programmers according to business analysis.


I had two perspectives when working in the group: a product to be developed from scratch and another already consolidated in the market, but that needed to undergo updates in the back-end and front-end, including a restructuring focused on UX/UI design, which did not exist before.

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One of the challenges when working at Otto hx was to implement the UX design culture, promoting the importance of each of its stages. Research was one of them. I had to defend the importance of talking to the user, in this case, the worker in the hospital to understand the different contexts in which the products could help, reducing their pain.

For this, I made contact with managers and nurses to understand both the uses of the existing product and the routine of hospitals to identify how the new one could help them. I was responsible for the contact, conducting interviews, creating personas and delivering UX research reports.

I also worked with Otto hx consultants, who are in direct contact with hospital managers who already use our product. With them, I was able to identify more pains of users when interviewing them, accessing the system. This helped me to restructure the screens, thinking about the users.

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Ideation and prototyping

Due to the dynamics of the work itself, the ideation process occurred concomitantly with the research and development of Web applications by the developers.   Therefore, I had to be very fast in my work to look for references, design the screens in Figma and validate with the teams and product owners.

In addition, I was responsible for creating the Otto hx design system, even thinking about the brand's tone of voice, since the company's identity manual was not completed. It was a joint effort with the Marketing team to define how Otto's products would be delivered, keeping the brand identity consistent.

Based on the interviews, I was able to restructure the screens of the existing system, using Nielsen's 10 heuristics, 8pt grid and accessibility principles that were not prioritized before. I was responsible for the innovation of the screens according to the implementation of Angular and Bootstrap technologies 5. 

Documented the deliverables through Figma with high-fidelity prototypes of the different modules of the system and two new products - mobile and desktop, in addition to the design system for Otto hx.

For contractual confidentiality reasons, the products will not be presented here at  portfolio, however I can send the demo video of the thumbnail frames. Just get in touch :)

My contribution 

As a UX designer, the web products were updated to a more modern layout and I was also responsible for implementing the improvements indicated by users via NPS and CSAT. Additionally, I created the new Bed Management product that was sold by the company.

For contractual confidentiality reasons, the products will not be presented here at  portfolio. Contact us for more details :)

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