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UX writing and social media


Abstract: I managed to make the

UFCSPA's Instagram in one of the main sources of communication through design and UX writing.

Role: Social media specialist

insta ufcspa.gif

The Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre is a young institution with 60 years of history. However, it only won the university title in 2008, when it also underwent a reformulation in its communication. Cut to 2019, the year in which I joined the Communications Office as an institutional support fellow. I joined to help expand the dialogue with two audiences, the intern and future students.

At the time, UFCSPA had only Facebook and YouTube , social networks in which there were some more institutional posts such as events. That's when I started studying the possibility of opening an Instagram account. Little did we know that it would become the channel with the most audience engagement. 

In 2019, we were already hostage to the algorithms, but the rules for Instagram didn't change that much. Even so, we managed in less than two years to go from 0 to almost 18 thousand followers and counting, an audience greater than the number of people inside UFCSPA.

Instagram @ufcspaoficial became the second channel with the largest audience, second only to Facebook, which has existed since the university's inauguration. I was constantly working to improve the @ufcspaoficial profile, studying the audience, creating personas for publications and institutional campaigns.  In addition, I also created designs for different types of posts for the external audience.


As it is an institutional profile, many materials were sent by professors, students and other departments, mainly aimed at the internal public. I was responsible for handling, in these cases, UX writing so that the user can have a better navigation in the posts with the hierarchy of information, redirection of links, adapted writing, alt text and search for hashtags , within the limitations imposed by the platform . UX writing was fundamental in this process, as it involves everything that is written to ensure the best user experience with the product, in this case Instagram.

Working with this Instagram allowed me to test what UFCSPA users wanted to see as university online content, opened doors to increase audience and engagement on existing networks, as well as allowing them to create and manage their LinkedIn profile with almost 10 thousand followers.

This type of work is one of the ways to bring the public closer to the public university, bringing relevant information about science and the reward of my work is seeing more people discover UFCSPA.

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