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UX design

Case - NIX/Nexxees Group

Summary: I am the only UX designer of digital products for fintech NIX, belonging to the Nexxees group, under the CLT contracting regime.

Function:full UX designer


problem and products

NIX is a fintech focused on financial digital products. I work as a UX designer with a focus on UI, but also as a UX writer. As I have a culture related to the more consolidated user experience, the demands came from Product Owners, information architects and NIX management, always placing my work as a previous step to front-end development. 

ideation doll.png

Ideation and prototyping

Due to the various demands, I needed to speed up my work to look for references and design the screens in Figma and validate with the Products Owners. I constantly needed to benchmark to look for the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and thus implement the best UI options. 

In addition, I was responsible for creating and updating the NIX desktop and mobile design systems, maintaining brand identity consistency and   using Nielsen's 10 heuristics as well as accessibility principles that were previously unavailable prioritized. 

I documented the deliverables through Figma with high fidelity prototypes of the different system modules for both the app and the web version. With my work, sales of the NIX solution increased for micro-entrepreneurs, which is its target audience.

For contractual secrecy reasons, the products will not be presented here in the  portfolio, but please contact me so I can introduce you to more of my work at NIX.

My contribution 

As a UX/UI designer, the NIX Empresa product was updated to a more modern and clean web and app layout with new modules added. I was also responsible for creating a new NIX product aimed at individuals. Furthermore, usability has been improved by my work.

For contractual confidentiality reasons, the products will not be presented here at  portfolio, but we can talk about more details about my contributions. Just get in touch :)

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