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UX design

Case - Skatevideos

Abstract: UX design of an app for skateboard lovers to see the best videos from professionals and sponsoring brands (fictitious case)

Role: UX designer



An application specialized in advertising videos of skateboarders and skateboard customization brands is required. The target audience is composed mainly of young people, between 15 and 45 years old, of all genders, who ride skateboards and enjoy watching videos related to this topic.

It will be used as a platform where people can watch skateboarding videos posted by the app team. The user must enter the home screen and see video suggestions, as well as search for others they want. Also, viewing videos should be easily accessible to users.

Little brown doll.png


I made the desk research and benchmark.  Desk research was conducted on Google with the keywords skateboard and skater. The results included stores with the products and places on Google Maps with clues. 

The benchmark pointed out that YouTube and Vimeo are the app's main competitors. However, as they are platforms focused on videos, they do not have spaces for brands to show their audiovisual content. This is an advantage to focus on the application.

ideation doll.png


The first assumption for the application is that it is simple and that it values the viewing of videos. It was also necessary to create a logo.  Based on the benchmark, I realized that the functionalities should be basic as in social networks in apps. So, I started the wireframes thinking about the following features:  profile, login with email and password or Google, brand page, video preview, favorites and search.

After that, I started thinking about the visual identity. As skateboards are brightly colored, I opted for the green palette to match the color and maintain a neutral gender.

Figma  was used to create screens with 8pt grids, aimed at Android and iOS smartphones. I also did the high-fidelity prototyping.

Login with frame 2.png


After making the screens and prototyping them, I proceeded to the usability tests with people within the target audience.  In addition, I did the logo design and all the style guide required by the application.

style guide.png

I did the tests remotely using the Maze platform . After their feedback, I made minor adjustments to the font size of the text.

Watch the complete Skatevideos stream here and access the navigable prototype

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